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Top 5 Most Effective Museum Advertising Campaigns

Consider Partnering Up

It’s not a common thought to “partner up” with another company or brand when it comes to museums. Museums have had to adjust their marketing campaigns due to the corona virus drastically changing the world. Because of this museums are thinking out-of-the-box to generate new ways to increase visits to their museum. Some museums have partnered up with video games that display their art/artifacts within the game to raise awareness of the museum itself.

This interesting campaign has led to more success and awareness in a different audience than the normal. This new audience is more accustomed to screen time and could potentially lead the museum to market further towards this audience.

Try New Platforms

There has been a shift in the world when social media was introduced. More people are seeing more of the world through their phones and don’t care as much to see it for themselves. People post this and that… and lately it seems people go places to create a new post rather than experience the place itself. Most of the world has taken notice of this and have created social media pages to adapt to the rest of the world. Museums are no exception. Museums have all the content in the world to post, and they have the rights to do so. With the lazy mindset that has taken over, why not create a post of something in your museum that hundreds of thousands of people can see while they are home?

Consider joining Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Create a page that advertises your museum and it’s art. Comment back to users who comment and like, and watch your social media presence grow. This is an excellent tool that even the “old school” should adopt. Creating online awareness of your museum can do no harm, and I’m willing to bet it will bring more awareness and visits to your museum.

SEO: Increase Your Online Presence

56% of businesses don’t use SEO… which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This in simpler terms is helping more people find your website, or helping your website rank higher on the first couple pages of Google. Of course, the goal is to be the top website on the 1st page of Google when someone searches anything related to your business. Well, that’s what SEO is all about. And if you haven’t considered paying an SEO specialist to help get your website more traffic (visits)... now is the time.

Google has a Google Ad’s grant (insert link to home page here) that allows a budget of $10,000 to help promote your museum! Chances are you probably didn’t know this. So why not take advantage? Along with SEO there are ads strategically placed to encourage more visits to your museum. We have already offered to help you take advantage of this Google Ad campaign, so while you’re at it we can offer our SEO services as well to enhance every part of your online presence. These are great ways to increase your museum advertising.

Video Marketing… You Gotta Try It

In the past year social media has been moving from pictures to videos, and now reels and Tik-Toks. Going viral happens much more with these reels than it does with a simple picture, so why not create videos/reels about your museum? Try interviewing employees, taking videos of some of the most famous attractions, explaining the history of something, the list goes on. These can be shorter videos under 30 seconds, or can be more informational ranging around the couple minute mark. Either way, posting these videos on both the social media platforms and your website will enhance your online presence.

You might be wondering why the push for online presence is so strong… it’s because that’s what the world is moving to. Businesses that don’t keep up with the times fall behind and can eventually go out of business. We know the value of museums and the benefits they bring to us, but younger generations do not. In order to target a younger generation and audience that is so tech-savvy, you have to increase your presence online. By following these steps, your museum advertising will undoubtedly lead to more visits and awareness. That awareness won’t just be local, but can potentially reach the world through your online presence.

Create Selfie Spots In Your Museum

This may sound silly, and perhaps not applicable if your museum does not allow cameras, but creating a spot in front of popular attractions can push your museum awareness through the roof. These spots don’t need to necessarily be selfie only, but creating a space where the visitor can take a picture and share with their friends and family can be a great way to market your museum. You can create incentives to post those pictures on social media as well. For example, being able to enter a free giveaway by posting your picture on social media would be an excellent museum advertisement. These ideas may sound silly to increase the awareness of your museum, but by following these 5 steps there is bound to be an increased awareness and in turn many more visits to your museum.

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