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Historic Busts

(Yes, we're married. And our first date was at a museum.)

Meet your marketers

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Ryan Cook

Online advertising expert

Favorite Museum: 

Van Gough Museum in Amsterdam

Kat Cook

Web designer, content writer

Favorite Museum: 

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

What Are We about?

​Do you want the long and short of it?


We love museums! 


As we have learned more about about the Google Grant, we are continually astonished at how few people know about this amazing resource for non-profit organizations, and how even fewer take advantage of it. As art lovers, we have been to museums all around the world. When we realized that our work as marketers and our love of art could come together to help these underrated gems, we knew what we had to do.


The Google Grant offers organizations with a (501)(c)(3) tax status $10,000 in ads every month.  As experts in Google Ads, we are here to optimize the use of these funds and provide your museum with 100% more visibility on the internet. This can double, or even triple, the amount of visitor a museum gets in a day. 

Art Dealer

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